Enseñar al mundo a través del canto. Un alumno en un momento . . .
Beneficios de la Songs That Teach

• SONGS THAT TEACH integra el
desarrollo de la lengua inglesa (ELD) en lectura, escritura y habla por medio de música rica en contenido.
• SONGS THAT TEACH ayuda en la
comunicación entre estudiantes y profesores de otras disciplinas (matemáticas, sociología, y ciencia).
• El contenido de la música de SONGS THAT TEACH enseña el deletreo donde el estudiante podrá desarrollar la escritura por medio de la relación con la música.
• SONGS THAT TEACH ayuda a desarrollar la hablidad de la memorioa através de la música.
• SONGS THAT TEACH  brinda un ambiente de aprendizaje óptimo para el estudiante.

Arnold Rosenthal, the creator of Songs That Teach has long been a musician and educator in the Southern California area. He is retired teacher from the Los Angeles Unified School District. Mr Rosenthal has previously taught for 29 years.

He is not a music teacher, rather he is a man with an extensive music background, playing with such groups as Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Jesse Ed Davis, and Leon Russell, and has taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District with fully accredited teaching credentials since 1994.
"I began to develop curriculum acquired through music when I started my teaching career in 1983 at Woodcrest Elementary in Tarzana, California. I observed how positively the children responded to music. I was particularly impressed at how effective music was as a motivational prompt in developing curriculum with ESL students in my modified bilingual classroom."

Mr. Rosenthal's credentials include a CLAD and a Master's Degree in Speech Communication, California State University at Northridge.

Mr Rosenthal recognized by the LAUSD Board

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